The Big Reveal

 The Big Reveal: I "settled" for different fabric a couple of weeks ago, thinking I would never find blue & white fabric at a thrift store or garage sale.  Then I found this fabric in a ready-made bed ensemble at a garage sale.  I disassembled it and sewed up these curtains for over our kitchen sink.  Yes!  This is what I was hoping for!
A couple of secrets about thrift store/garage sale decorating are (1) to be patient
and (2) to see beyond what "is" to what COULD be.

And here is where the gate-leg table ended up.  
Just right!


  1. I thought so! Beautiful curtains.
    And the table.., WOW!

  2. You always find just the right thing and those curtains are amazing.

  3. Everything is lovely....those curtains are just perfect!!!!

  4. I need to start sewing again! Love your curtains.

    xo, Bonnie

  5. I really like your curtains and admire your ability to envision what you can do with something you find. The spot for the table is indeed perfect.


  6. It amazes me how you are so talented to be able to decorate your home so beautifully from the thrift store! I shop thrift stores all the time but never find the kinds of things you do. house is so very TINY that I can't possibly put another piece of furniture in it. Sort of aggravating. Things can only be arranged one way only because of the size of the rooms. But, thankful for my little home! Love reading your blog. Mississippi

    1. Our house isn't really all that big...and probably would be too crowded for some peoples' taste...but I'm thankful for OUR home, too :) Thanks for your kind comments, Marilyn.

  7. oh gorgeous! I'm a huge blue & white fan too! Good job of repurposing!

  8. You were correct with your description of the fabric print as being "exotic". It is really different! I like it. I've been looking at kitchen curtains in thrift shops and stores and the prints are so dorky. I will most likely end up making my own.


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