Me and My Table

 ...not sure if that's correct grammar ("me and my table")...
But my husband put the last coat of paint and finish on this refurbished
gate-leg table that we purchased at a garage sale a few weeks back.
This afternoon we'll find (or MAKE) a place for it in the house.
I'm wearing a light-weight cotton Gap blouse and a Size 8 jean skirt!
I just "had" to put the size in here.
I'm shopping my closet since I've lost enough pounds
to fit into some clothes I've had waiting for this moment!
All thrifted, of course!


  1. The table came out so nicely and you look so spiffy in your size 8 skirt! Well done on both.


  2. Model and table both look good! :) Be sure and show us where the table "lands".

  3. That table is fantastic. I love it when I shop my closet. How fun it must be for you to wear things you have been waiting on. You look so cute and casual in that second picture. Love it.

  4. You and your table look lovely. GAP clothes last forever and this blouse is such a pretty pink. I love painting furniture and leaving the top of a piece the original dark wood. Looks so nice. Gary did a super job.

  5. Wow, size 8, congratulations. The gate leg table looks good and I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for it.


  6. Good for you, Rebecca (table and the size 8!!)
    Sending you wishes for a beautiful remainder of the summer.
    I hope that you are having a great one!!

  7. Don't you just LOVE a Make-Over that turns out just the way you envisioned it?! And I'm still Smiling at your Comment on my Blog today... my 'Days' have always included the wee hours of the Morning since I worked 2nd Shift most of my Careers, so 1:30 AM is still a part of the Day that I savor most and get the most done because everyone else is tucked in and slumbering... so Peaceful, so Quiet, the Silence is Golden! And Forgive me, but I confess I'm having Size 8 Envy... since I'm still in the double digits! *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. To all who commented...Size 8 today is the old size 12. I'm pretty sure it is :) Still, it's progress for me.

  9. I'd be delighted with a size 8 OR 12! Surely someday I'll be off all this medicine. One of those "accepting" things. Regardless of the grammar, the table is beautiful!

  10. Way to Go Rebecca! I don't know if I have ever worn an ''8'' or not. I remember wearing a size 9 about the time I got married and I was my skinniest then. ha But I am trying to get down to a healthy size going to Weight Watchers and only lack about 5 lbs to reach my goal. But even still a 12 is as low as I ever hope to go again. :)

    Love all the pictures you post on here!

    God bless!


    1. Yay, Marilyn! I did W.W. many years ago. It's a great program, isn't it (though I know it has changed since I did it)....

  11. Yippee to your shopping in the closet how exciting!! Great table as well ~Love Heather

  12. Size 8!!!! Bravo, Rebecca!
    I'm especially loving the pose in the second photo.

  13. The table is marvelous! And so are you for persevering with your diet and exercise...size 8...well done!


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