Pinterest and Me

Yes. I have a Pinterest account.
Basically, it is a picture file for me.
That's all I use it for.
Some of my fullest boards are White Ironstone,
...purchased today at My Favorite Thrift Store
...this one's for you, Michelle (Mrs. Mobunny)
White Mantels
...ours, the way it looks today
If you go to this last one, you'll see that I DO like full (some would say CLuTTeREd) spaces!  
An occasional spare and bare image "calls" me for a moment, but not for long.
Oh, I just remembered Book Decor.  I'll come back for that another time!

Do you "Pinter"?
What are your larger/largest boards?


  1. I really do not know much about this Pin interest thing. But I love your white pitcher. I also got a white pitcher over the weekend..a small one made just like the one of my mother in law. They are both white hobnail. I got a sweet canister with small florals on the side too at same small flea market. I am behind in posting things on my blog.

  2. Hi Rebecca...Nice pitcher! No, don't Pinter cuz there's not much time. My blog takes every second of free time. Love it, though. Thanks so much for your visits and comments, by the way. Love having you stop by. Susan

    1. I "hear" you, Susan! I only use Pinterest as a file - that is, as I'm going through blogs, if there's something I see that I'd like to remember, I "Pin" it. That's literally all I do and I find it a time-saver, actually. :)

  3. My largest boards are "Ideas for the Grand Children" (seriously though, they are ideas that i still want to do...) and "Cards". I used to be a Stampin! Up demonstrator. The thrill of a beautiful card runs deep in my blood. While my mom was still alive and before AD stole her from us, we used to send the men and children off to July 4th doings and we spent the day making our Christmas cards. Miss those days, but whenever I stamp with the grand kids we talk about her.

    1. That 4th of July card-making tradition really sounds wonderful. I'll have to take a look at your "cards" board. I don't stamp, but I enjoy seeing what people do :)

      And why am I not surprised about your "grandchildren" board?!?

  4. Like all the white. No Pinning for me although I may sneak a peak at your board.


  5. As a creative person who always looks for the next project, I enjoy Pinterest. I also write and collect scripture and quote journals and love looking at decor magazines. For all these reasons I like pinning on Pinterest. My largest boards are Scripture, Home Decor, and Arts,Crafts Journaling and Needlework.
    Your pitcher is beautiful.

  6. I have some white Ironstone dishes from my grandmother that I love very much. We used to eat on them at the farm all the time as children. I recently broke the handle to my little gravy pitcher similar to the one in your picture. I loved that piece so much because of the shape. So quaint.

  7. I love to *pin* but don't do it so often anymore. My HAPPY DAYS has the highest pin number.....over 300.

  8. Will have to check out your boards again. I have repinned some of your bookcase/library/reading nook pins.


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