Entertainment Thrift

 The past few days have found us
 enjoying "entertainment thrift"
in the form of evening walks
 at destinations tame and wild.
 These are from Thursday's
 "wild" prairie grasslands...
the first ones of the post from Friday
at the cultivated gardens of our County Extension Services.

What do YOU do for Thrifty Entertainment?


  1. end of summer is beautiful isn't it!! love your pictures have a great weekend Love Heather

  2. What do I do for thrifty entertainment, Rebecca? Well, blog, I guess. Or work on my dollhouses. Also, clip magazines I come across and make inspiratino boards or add to my self discovery journal. Of course, I always love going to any free event that tickles my interest. Lots of things, really.

    Like your mirrors out-of-doors! Susan

    1. Oh, yes, Susan! Dollhouses (not always "thrifty" however), and journaling/inspiration boards/magazines!

  3. First let me say that the Name of the new Shop in your area, Ya-Ya's, appeals to me too... that's what my G-Kids in Mexico call me... Ya-Ya Dawn. I like the sound of it... and there are some Greek Yoghurt Commercials here that crack me up that have a Greek Ya-Ya who is a riot and very "Old School" in her ways, so the dialogue in the Commercials is hilarious about Ya-Ya's "disapproval" of everything but the Yoghurt the younger Generation are eating. *Winks*

    Now... I am a Queen at Thrift Entertainment... hafta be... so there's no end to the freebies I can find to do that will Entertain the Family or the shoestring budget outings we have. It has made my Family a lot more low maintenance than the children of a lot of my Friends and made the G-Kid Force and my Adult Children Creative about how they seek out Enjoyment sans hefty funding to do it. I Believe its a good thing to be Thrifty, it stimulates the Imagination since Necessity IS the Mother of Invention!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. You are SO right - about the creative stimulus that goes along being "thrifty"...

  4. What gorgeous pictures, your walk is beautiful, so rural and unspoilt! x

  5. Your walks took you to some beautiful places. I think perhaps reading is my most often used form of thrifty entertainment. I get nearly all my books from the library - free and no clutter when you finish and return them.



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