among my blessings...

 In addition to a wonderful afternoon and evening spent with family,
 I was gifted with these three paintings 
by a most talented and interesting friend, Bud Hitt.
 The one above was selected by my husband who has a small collection
 of paintings of barns in his office.
 These two were my choices. 
 Bud has a range of styles,  but these remind me of Will Moses' work.
 The Christmas one will hang in our Christmas cabin in the back yard.
 The other might find a place in our kitchen/dining area.  
 I'm feeling VERY blessed at the moment!


  1. It looks like you have a lovely day and a table full of guests/friends/family. The paintings are beautiful .. I love that folk-art style.

  2. Love the paintings, Rebecca. So glad they are now yours. Glad your Thanksgiving was love-filled. I feel blessed it was the same here. Susan

  3. I love your folk art and thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving dinner with us. we Brits always feel left out in Blogland at this time of year! xxx

  4. We also had a very blessed Thanksgiving with both of our sons and daughter-in-law. Glad you and yours had such a good time together. Your mother always looks so elegant and pretty.
    My favorite kind of art is folk art and these paintings are wonderful. You are blessed to know this artist.

  5. Dad would be so pleased to see you are sharing these on here. Whenever I go over I bring home another. I enjoy them. So glad to see you got them.

  6. What a lovely thanksgiving you had. Your paintings are wonderful. Primitive and folk art have a beauty all their own. The simplicity and the peace of ordinary life. I'd love to see some photos of your Christmas cabin. That sounds wonderful.

    Have a lovely weekend Rebecca.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. What treasures!!! How blessed to have such precious gifts. I love the simple style of these paintings!

  8. A gift of art is something to be treasured. I really like these pieces, perhaps the barn is my favorite.



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