is this better?

 You shamed me into it!
 I folded up my three corduroy skirts (black, olive green and burgundy),
- and, yes - that's how I store them...
Well, not on top of my jewelry box, but folded and on shelves....
and donned a pair of blue jeans.
Same black Tee, though.
"Is THIS better?"
I STILL say I'm as comfortable in my skirts as blue jeans.
Thanks for your comments.
It was interesting to read them
and to try and figure out why I'm so "different".


  1. Hi! Rebecca
    I thought it was wonderful that you wore skirts around your home to do chores. It suited you, you are such a classy lady.
    I have to dress up for work all the time. So my favorite thing to wear when I am home is my sweats or my pajamas.


  2. Wow, you are all legs this morning!
    I pictured you as a shorter woman...guess I was wrong on that. No wonder you chose long skirts...either way, you look great.


    1. :) Probably the camera angle. I'm about 5'5" (I THINK I was more like 5'6" in my younger years....)

  3. Rebecca, you look good in either skirts, dresses or jeans. You wear what is most comfortable to you! You carry yourself well with such an elegance that it doesn't matter anyway. But, if you are looking for a great pair of jeans that are ultra comfortable I recommend my favorites which are Lee Milan Comfort Jeans. Just got a new pair in fact, a bit darker than I usually wear and have requested another pair from my "Santa".

    1. Hmmmmmm. Thanks for the suggestion, Sandy. I seldom shop retail, so am a little lost to know where to begin :) I COULD use a darker pair for winter.....

  4. I love skirts and I love it when I see ladies in skirts, please wear them if that's what you want to wear!!!
    I don't wear pants or jeans, I do not feel like a lady in them, my mom saw no need to wear them and neither do I. My oldest daughter also feels the same way. Here's to the skirt!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. For SURE, I feel more "like a lady" when I'm wearing them....I have jeans and slacks in my closet and drawers, but generally wear skirts. It's just "me". I'm happy to be in your fine company, Cindy.


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