blame it on Susan

 Thanks to Susan (click on her name to see)
I went out to find the Thanksgiving basket.
 Though I thought all my Halloween decor was in one basket,
 it must have spilled over into THIS one.
(Except for Christmas, I have pared down my seasonal collections
 to fit into single baskets like this one.
It makes things much simpler.)
 I kind of forgot what I had but was really delighted to find this drawing
 right at the top of the goodies! 
 I need to find a white candle to place in the clear candle-holder....
...and a place for these additional "turkey" pieces.
(Preferably before tonight when we host a small group of friends
for a soup supper!)
I have to dash off soon to meet a friend for coffee
and then to the Amish farm where I have an order in for a pumpkin roll!
Susan!  Look what you've started.

Of course, if you know me at all, you know
that most of these items were thrift store purchases.


  1. Pumpkin roll!!! Oh yummy. I made those years ago and had to stop because we ate them non-stop as long as there was a crumb on the plate.

    Love your idea of reducing to ONE box. I am reducing but haven't reached your goal yet. Am so taken with your turkey plate....

    1. I forget where I've put the plate holders, Bookie! I hope I remember soon! (Should have packed it with the plate, I guess.)

  2. Hi Rebecca! Ha!You are a riot. That wasn't the first time I was blamed, nor the last. But that's a GOOD thing to be blamed for. ha ha hahah LOVE your turkeys and dishes. fun fun fun

    See? Aren't you glad you saw my gobble gobble Pilgrim post? Hee hee

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. Susan

    1. Yes, I am (glad). And I just KNOW that I have a pilgrim somewhere. I'm thinking I might have contributed it to a vignette at church. I'll have to check tomorrow!

  3. It's easy to forget where things 'spill over' after a whole year! Hope the soup supper is/was good!

  4. Ann, I'm pretty sure it is a piece of Morton pottery - Morton, IL.

  5. I like your Thanksgiving themed things. I am a bit sad that I missed out on a piece of pumpkin roll tho.


  6. Love your turkeys...I have a little glass one like yours.

  7. The "palm" turkey takes me back. I'm sure each of my 3 children made one of those. Don't know if I saved any or not. I hope so.

  8. What a practical way to deal with seasonal decorations. Looks like you're almost all set! Enjoy the season!

  9. Oh Rebecca what darling turkeys. I've been there done that with missing holiday decor.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comment.

    Happy Thanksgiving may you have many blessings.



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