rescued, repaired & rearranged

 Rescued and repaired, the swan.
Red candles from years gone by, rearranged 
and placed on a silver platter.
Most everything in these photos was purchased at a thrift store!
This kitchen corner was rearranged when I placed my canisters
on the newly thrifted shelf.  I'm still figuring out what to put in the two rattan drawers.
 This evening I found some white ornaments to hang on the white tree
that sits in front of the window atop the gate-leg table found at a garage sale this summer...
 ,,,and on a shelf in the dining area of our kitchen,
this sweet nativity, a gift from a friend.


  1. I love that swan, and your tray of red candles is very festive looking.


  2. Hi Rebecca...You are an excellent thrift store shopper. Nice idea to put all same colored candles on a tray! Susan

  3. I too would like to sneak your swam away. Hubby broke mine a few weeks ago. He repaired and hoped I wouldn't notice. But it isn't going to last long.But is was a thrifted goes on.

    1. Rebecca, for some reason I can't see your swan. But your candles look grat on your silver tray!

  4. I too 'scored' a White Christmas Tree during one of my Goodwill Hunting Forrays last year, it will make another appearance this year since everyone Loved how it showcased the Styling so well. We're probably going with a Retro Christmas Theme on it... but we'll see how it Evolves. Thanks for stopping by for a Blog Visit and yes, Covering Events certainly has its Perks! When you're with one of the Vendors, Stylists or Owners they often even graciously Comp you for Coverage... though they certainly don't have to, I thoroughly Enjoy giving a Shout Out to my Favs Gratis and doing Blog Posts & Facebook Posts about them all. Advertising Online introduces so many more prospective Clients and Adoring Fans of the Work and Businesses of all of these Great Indie Shops and Artists. It's always my Pleasure to Promote, Cover and Attend these Events and many of them have returned the Favor on their sites. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. I really like the white tree. There is something quite elegant and serene about it.


  6. HI Rebecca!
    Love that swan!
    I need to get my decorations out and up soon.
    Thanks for inspiring me.


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