excited? you bet!

 Found at My Favorite Thrift Store.
This thing is HUGE--the picture doesn't show HOW huge.
 The homemade chalk paint absolutely TRANSFORMS the design
on this dresser!
 My man is a Wonder Worker!
My part?
Photographing the progress...
Lining the drawers with pretty wallpaper...
Admiring the beauty!


  1. Hi Rebecca......I can't wait to see it finished. Love the designs! Great job on your hub's part, too! Susan

  2. Wow can't wait to see how it turns out that is a really big piece. I am sure it will look wonderful you have a knack for that!! Love Heather

  3. Very nice! It's quite amazing the differnce white paint makes! So nice you stopped by!

  4. so you do like the homemade chalk paint? the other is so expensive, I can't wait to see it all finished, I am going to have to try that on a piece I have in the garage

  5. oolala ... can't wait to see the transformation :)

  6. I have been wanting to try making chalk paint and have saved several "recipes" from Pinterest. I want to see this when it's finished. Looks like Gary is doing a great job. Where are you going to put it?

    1. It's SO large, Sandy. Not sure I have a place for it. But the price was SO right that I think we can successfully "turn it around" and make some extra $$$ to supplement our income.

  7. It's looking great...can't wait to see the final results!

  8. I love to see furniture transformed! Looking forward to the big reveal....


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