don't judge me too harshly

 My husband had errands to run in town, 
 so I went along and we ended up at Barnes and Noble
 where I browsed through the latest magazines.
 I liked the chalkboard that you see above.  
 I'll do SOMEthing like that after I erase the turkey on my own...
 I photographed the small tree with the blue ornaments 
 because I needed a visual to arrange the blue bulbs
 that I currently have sitting in a wooden bowl--
 THIS one (above) I like 'cause of the books and the "Tip" to the right.
 (I think you can see why I like it.)
THIS photo is of the front of a building I passed on my short walk 
to the Post Office this morning. 
I don't have the equipment to photograph it at night.
(I sure wish I could.)
Please don't judge me too harshly for getting into the Christmas spirit so early.
This Thanksgiving Season HAS graced my life.
I am thankful for all the blessings I enjoy
and find my creative energy DOES thrive in the atmosphere of gratitude.

(Sometimes I feel like Mrs. Blandings whose style with words AND decor I adore)...
I can go on, do gush, and fail to force myself to slow the heck down on some occasions.  I can be what I'd like to define as "passionate,"
 but others may see as undone.


  1. Oh, never, never, never would I judge you for getting into Christmas early or for anything, for that matter. We should keep Christmas in our hearts always, anyway, Rebecca. Like the chalkboard, too! Take care and have a nice Tuesday. Susan

  2. OK .. I can handle it just a little bit; because you are only showing ideas you want to use for Christmas .. I'm a die hard do not decorate until AFTER Thanksgiving .. and it rather bugs me when people bypass this most special family day. There .. don't judge me too harshly (LOL) :)

  3. This is such a sweet post. Absolutely nothing to fault you over for showing a bit of CHRISTmas!!! So HOPE you and your family has a wonderful THANKSgiving!!!

  4. My daughter Ginny and I certainly won't judge you Rebecca as both of us have already been listening to Christmas music! I've also been sneaking a few decorations up from the basement here and there.
    Truthfully it's been a horrible time around here. So I have been losing myself in cleaning, Thanksgiving preparation,crocheting and Christmas shopping. I'm still staying away from reading blogs but when I saw your title, I had a feeling about the meaning. You aren't alone. Love Di ♥

  5. It is hard to keep the two holidays seperate anymore. I compromise by saying that Thanksgiving is the open door to Chrismas. As soon as table is cleared almost, I take down the turkeys and put up the baubles! I do love Thanksgiving more as the years pass as Christmas gets so commerical and weather is always a factor. Here our Thanksgiving morning is to be pretty but turn in the evening to rain and chill. Can't complain. After our drive home through Indiana last month, I know your own state will be gorgeous for Thanksgiving. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  6. I always enjoy your finds and your ideas so if that is "judging you" then I guess I judged and found you GOOD.

    Loved the quote at the end of the post, will have to visit Mrs. Blanding.


  7. I love Christmas and don't mind hearing ideas before Thanksgiving at all. I am just itching to put up our tree but I will wait...until the very next day after Thanksgiving!

  8. The tree with the blue and green ornaments reminded me strongly of my Grandmother, my father's mother. That was her chosen colors for all the years of my life and I always thought it the loveliest and most unusual.

    I read this post last, starting with the one with the swan on the table, and loved catching up with you.

    Love the paintings you were given. I like that style of painting, very simple (ha for those who know HOW) and homey.


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