the next best thing

The"Free Box" sits just inside the door of my Favorite Thrift Store.
I was delighted to find a stash of postcards bringing me -- PARIS!
Paris by postcard!
The next best thing to being there (?) -- and for free...
 Eight of them.
Another bunch were from Amsterdam.
 I brought them home and read the descriptions on their backs
before I propped them up to enjoy for awhile.
It's obviously not the same as BEING there...
but it's kind of the Next Best Thing.
What have YOU found for "free" lately?


  1. Salvation and new mercies every morning! Best free gifts I know of!
    The cards are beautiful though.

    1. Without a doubt, Sandy! Without exception!

  2. Those post cards are fabulous! I haven't found anything free for a while, I have found lots of things in the past, though.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. How lovely to get the postcards for free.

  4. That was a nice find, Rebecca. Alexandra Stoddard says to display postcards on little holders (like plates are displayed on).

    Among the last "free" things I got were some brand new eyeshadows and a lovely silver ring that I'm wearing. My niece gave me a box of stuff she was throwing out. I went through it to see what I could use and then passed the rest along.


  5. Hi my dear-what a lovely find, they would certainly make you feel like you could be there! My latest free item was my gifted pvc apron this week that I posted about-something I've wanted for a while and now I have it! Have a good weekend xxx

  6. p.s. on Saturday. Thanks for your visit to my post, Rebecca. Appreciated your stopping by and commenting, too. Susan

  7. Free is always good! I can't say I've found anything for free lately, but spending next to nothing is a close second. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your nice comment:-)

  8. I love to watch House Hunters International when they are doing the European shows. A real treasure finding those postcards! I read down your posts to 'catch up' with you again and discovered the dishes you got for $8. How wonderful! Priced wrong? Or just a huge blessing? I'd call it blessing.

    1. Yes....definitely a blessing and SURELY priced wrong!


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