a retro week

A thrifted key chain in retro colors with my retro name!
 In the early 70's, I still answered to "Becky".
(When I turned 40, I switched to the full name I was given at birth--Rebecca.)
In the early 70's I was finishing college.
I don't believe there WAS such a thing as cassette tapes, 
but I had a wonderful, portable stereo in my dorm room.
Among my favorite LPs were these two--now showing up as cassette tapes
in one of My Favorite Thrift Stores for a quarter each!
They play beautifully on the small Emerson recorder I also found this week for $3.00.
It's been a VERY nostalgic week
 Did I say "it sold"?  I'm kind of sad.
I asked hubby to paint it a color I could work into our own home
if it didn't sell.
Well, it did.


  1. Wow, Rebecca, you did find some really wonderful nostalgia, didn't you. I love the old stuff best!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. It was not perfect back then for sure, but it was simpler in many ways. Cassettes...what a new invention! Seeing the string and Mancini music was a real trip back. Loved Mancini...made me think of Moon River...Herb Albert...Dr. Zhivago...Rod McKuen poetry...ah, many things.....

    1. Rod McKuen poetry! Oh, now THAT brings back a rush of memories! I had an LP called "By the Sea" (If I remember correctly). It was Rod McKuen poetry recited against the sounds of the ocean (maybe a bit of music).

      I also liked Dean Martin & Al Martino...And the Beach Boys!

  3. Remembering cassettes with fondness. I remember thinking that CDs would be a "fad. " How wrong I was!

  4. Hi there! That's good the dresser sold, but sad for you ;-( Lovely choice of cassettes you picked up, I also have my originals from the 80s and 90s that I still play every now and then! Boyfriend style jeans are best described as 'mens jeans on a lady', slouchy, slightly tapered to the calf/ankle and most importantly, comfortable!! Have a great week xx

  5. You always find the best stuff. I know whoever bought the hutch is grinning from ear to ear, it is such a great piece.


  6. That must be a sad yet pleasing moment selling something you love, knowing how much pleasure it will give to others.


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