vacation tools

Getting ready for vacation involves pulling out some essential that I've purchased very
inexpensively in thrift stores throughout the years.  No need spending big bucks on luggage
when vintage specimen can be found inexpensively!  The travel bag has served me well.  I currently use it to transport my computer, a few books, and hotel samples of shampoo and lotion as I gather them along the way.
Believe it or not, all the clothes I need for the 2 weeks are packed
in this white suitcase (which really ISN'T as dirty as it seems).
Back home in a high shelf in our closet, it has a "twin"--well almost a twin.
Sometimes one or the other or both hold out of season clothes.
Comfortable walking shoes are another travel "must".
After a day of travel, I see that these are going to serve me well!
  I'm ready to check out a few thrifts stores while my husband golfs this morning.
Though I've cut back significantly on purchases, it's a recreational activity that I enjoy.
 My journal is one of the books I pack (along with my Bible).
THIS time I forgot the scissors and tape that I usually bring along to
attach memorabilia as I go....
 and a jacket of some sort is always important to have.
This is one of a "collection" of denim jackets that I have acquired
thanks to thrift store shopping.  It's one of my favorites.


  1. Those shoes look great. Hope you get some great goodies on your thrift adventure. Knowing you, that will happen.


  2. We pack similarly, everyone's shocked by how much I squeeze into one small carry-on. I only pack the most comfortable clothes unless I'm traveling for a formal event and wear the big stuff unto the plane. AWESOME. It's SO fun to travel with as little as possible. Very liberating. Have on your adventure! I can't wait to get some more traveling in.

  3. Wow, you travel light! But you made sure to take the most important and computer. Smile. Enjoy yourself!

  4. Love your traveling style!!
    Enjoy, my friend.

  5. Hi Rebecca...Ohhhh, you are going to have SO MUCH FUN! Where are you traveling? In Indiana? Have a blast. (I know you will.) Hope you find SOME treasures to bring back home. Susan

  6. How fun to use a vintage suitcase and bag, have a fun vacation!


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