dollar day

 The white blouse (it'll be fine after a quick ironing)...
 and the "hot coffee" tee
were a dollar each at a thrift store outside Franklin, North Carolina...
  So was this pair of wide-legged, denim capri!
 I like the front pockets.  They fit "like a glove"!
I can't wait to wear them.
 I had to go with this bit of Seuss whimsy! 
It was W-A-Y less than a dollar.


  1. It appears that you are having fun on your vacation, good for you! And you've picked up some real bargains. Hugs, Cindy

    1. I am (having a good time), Cindy. Since my husband was golfing, I took my time in this one thrift store. It was nice to be without time constraints while thrifting - having nothing else on my mind.....

  2. You are in my neck of the woods this week! We are south of you in SC. My absolute favorite thing to do on vacation is thrift shop!

  3. Love your great finds! It's so dark and rainy here today. Hope you all continue to have fun even if you encounter some raindrops! I look forward to meeting you soon!

  4. Oh, I just love going to thrifies outside our area. You did good, Rebecca! Congrats. Susan

  5. looks like you did swell! Love those capris!

  6. You will be set for summer with your new thrifts.


  7. My kind of thrifting... love those dollar days:-)

  8. The blouse is so cute. You'll look great in it.

  9. You are such a good thrifter, Rebecca - you have a great eye for good quality. I love seeing all the goodies you find!


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