The north end of our living room is having a sort of
 seasonal-schizophrenic experience.
 It's stuck somewhere between spring and winter.
 With night-time temperatures of 35 degrees,
I'm having difficulty
making the transition complete.
I'm having the same difficulty with my wardrobe!
Maybe when we return from our vacation it will be the right time.
Everything in these pictures except the wooden rocking chair
that belonged to my grandparents
and the shelf on top of the shelf behind it
was purchased at either a thrift store or garage sale.
EVERY thing.
(OK.  Two more exceptions.  The lit lamp above and the clock.)
NOW I think everything.


  1. I am like your room...I am stuck between the seasons too, Rebecca!

  2. I love your old rocking chair with the toile pillow on it. Did you pick tht one up at a thrift store? Your house sounds about like mine. All of my tables, every one in my whole house is from a thrift store or a curb find. Your home looks cozy and comfy, I love the thrift store look. Your lows are about what our highs are right now.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. I'm having transition difficulties with my wardrobe, too. I want to wear cardigans and little short sleeve bloused or Ts, but it's too cold.


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