wrought iron i have known

A  recent "in search of" request on a facebook garage sale site sent me scrambling.
Here's what I came up with.
Items I've "found" over a period of years...
photographed pretty much as I found them--
dust and all.
 Not a pair, actually....one is about 19" tall; the other a tad shorter.
 34" tall, this piece is stately and holds many possibilities.
 a 36" pair of hand-wrought, hanging candlelabras
a string holder, I think.
I'm sure I have a trivet or two around here somewhere, too.
Wrought iron objects.  Apparently another collection of mine.


  1. Fun to see your things. The string holder really caught my attention.


  2. Hi there! These are lovely finds and I'm sure they will all look great dotted around your home! xxx

  3. Beautiful collection, Rebecca.
    PS. I send you hugs from Waynesville
    We have been here since Monday. You are not going to believe this, but they have cut all 8 of the beautiful maple trees that were in the courthouse yard. It is completely void of trees, and we are sick about that. To us, those trees were one of the most beautiful things about Waynesville. They used the "excuse" that they were diseased. We are sick at our stomachs about it.

    1. Jackie, I'm sure I'll notice that. Thanks for the warning! We're going to be there sometime between the 15th & 27th. I can't wait. Hope all is well and that you are enjoying your N.C. time. ♥

  4. And you didn't even know you were an iron collector...smile.Love the turtle one. I think I would paint him and set him in a flower garden.

  5. Hi Rebecca. So the "in search of" means people are looking for items you have? Are you going to let the people know about what you found? Good for you! Sincerely, Susan

    1. Exactly, Susan! I just sent her the link to my blog post - so accomplished two things at once :)

      She's already responded, and we hope to connect before we leave for vacation.

  6. This is great! I love wrought iron. We just put in a wrought iron fence in Waterloo and it looks so great!


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