who knew?

Who knew where my "dotting" would lead?
(See my last post to figure out what dotting is.)
Ever since it caught my eye several years ago at a farm auction,
this beleaguered cat sat patiently in a flower bed waiting for a make-over.
I had seen one of Hap's done with big polka dots and was just about to apply them
when I got THIS brainstorm.  
I got out some old (REALLY old) paints, added a little water & stirred 'em up;
then dug out some old stencils and went to work.
After she dries, I'll polyurethane her so that she holds her look proudly.
Who knew I'd get so crafty in my old age?!?


  1. Clever of you and great for the cat!

  2. How fun!! So simple but really effective!

  3. Oh my gosh, Rebecca. Crafty, indeed. So nice! And that bicycle? Now a piece of art! Susan

  4. Ha your crafty indeed!! looks great love Heather

  5. Fun re-do of the cat. It seems like you are off on a crafty adventure.


  6. Your cat is really beautiful!


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