nothing's thriftier than free

It doesn't get more "thrifty" than free!
I'm thankful I posted the i.s.o. (in search of) statement in one of the local facebook garage sale sites.
We were looking for some used 2"x4"s and 2"x6"s for a couple of projects.
Someone responded, and we're Happy Campers.
I see a sofa table and a potting bench in our near future.
Below are two potting benches my husband completed in the past few months...
 ...both from recycled wood!
 I enjoy helping him design them
and have an idea or two already churning in my mind.
 And how about THIS?
It was attached to one of the free boards!
A garden-hose holder with all KINDS of possibilities!


  1. wow cute projects!! free is good Love Heather

  2. Glad your hubby found things to keep him busy. The potting benches look wonderful!

  3. Great freebies, Rebecca. You and your hubs are a good team. Susan

  4. Free is the best price isn't it? The potting benches are really nice. I like that hose holder and will be watching to see where it shows up in a future project.


  5. Such good projects from free stuff! You have a very talented husband .. and you have a good eye.

  6. You find the coolest things. I love all the bench pictures. You're such an artist.

  7. You two are a great combo! Your potting benches are fabulous and I look forward to seeing what becomes of the "new" wood!


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