spots and dots

 Spots and Dots, I believe he calls his art technique!
Michael "Hap" Hapner, that is.
This bicycle and the artful flowers (see below) made of vinyl records
caught my eye on the House and Garden Walk we took over the weekend
 Today I decided to see what I could do.
I got out this pink metal fan (I'd painted it pink for another project),
 squirted out some paint I had on hand,
decided to try toothpicks,
 and here's the result - so far!
I'm off to purchase a couple of brighter colors to continue the project.
It takes LOTS of DOTS to fill in the space.
(No wonder his bicycles sell for as much as $3,000!)
Warning:  "Dotting" CAN be addictive, 
but on the positive side, it requires very little paint...
I think I would prefer a dark background paint next time.
And spots?  Not sure how to "do" spots.
But then again, that's the thing about creativity --
there isn't necessarily a "right way"...
 Still dotting....
When I finally finish the fan, I'm going to ask my husband to use his
"new" old welder and attach it to a metal rod so I can put it in a flower bed!


  1. That bicycle is adorable (but maybe not $3,000 worth of adorable).

    Wouldn't it make a cute garden ornament with a woven basket on the handle bars filled with flowers

    1. You should see it "in person". It IS a genuine vintage bike completely redone mechanically. Actually, I think this particular one was about half of that $3,000... But it is incredible - and when you think of the work that went into it...

  2. Oh my gosh, Rebecca. I LOVE it! Great job! Susan

  3. You can find inspiration everywhere. I like your fan.


  4. That is looking very pretty! Dotting sounds like a lot of fuN!

  5. cute....and yes dotting is addictive. :)


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