Rivaling a little, chippy metal stool for a spot in my kitchen
 is this wooden chair bottom.
He used it for years in the garage for sit-down projects.
"Just fill in those holes and rub in some tung oil all over it!"  I urged him.
Now it's MINE.
Ready to pull up to the table for extra guests.
It "sits" really comfortably!
Hmmmm.  Just maybe they can co-exist.
(A year from now, I'm probably going to look back on this phase of my life and wonder
what in the world I was going through!  This chippy stuff is just where I am right now....)


  1. Like the look of the wooden seat. If you get tired of chippy stuff I suppose you can always paint it.


  2. Chipped things let us think of all those before us...who used the things in happiness or sadness. I find used a comforting and comfortable feeling. Too much brand new around makes me feel stiff, rigid and unreal.

  3. I love the chippy color, but I think the wooden seat is warm and invitng and would feel better for sitting on. :-)


  4. cute I love rustic looks like it will fit in great in your home Love Heather

  5. That definitely looks very comfy, Rebecca.

    You are funny. Just enjoy the chippy stage, as long as it lasts! Susan

  6. Worn wooden seats - so comfortable. Just the job for, er, normal sized "sit upons" - not the skinny kind if you get my drift...

  7. They're like long lost relatives--reunited! I like the color on the metal stool.

  8. Those are both nice stools, but you know that I LOVE the turquoise one!


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