lotsa pink....

 There IS a lot of pink in our second and smaller bathroom.
 Shelves above the window and door hold some...
 the walls are filled with it,
 and the vintage scale picks up the hue!
 A recent wash and fluff of these two unmatched rugs resulted in 
thick and plush pink,
 while the vintage waste-can wears its pink proudly.
  A pink pottery piece is the perfect place to stick a few sample bottles of hand lotion;
and an open shelf in a repurposed dresser holds some vintage, pink-patterned towels.
It actually didn't BEGIN with "pinkness", 
but somehow it ended up that way!


  1. Sometimes a room or space does declare itself! I do so love that teapot and cup shelf!!!

    1. :) Yes! That's what this room did - "Declared itself!"

  2. I love all of your vintage pictures, scale and waste can. And the fact that it's all in my favourite hue makes me like it even better!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Oh yes, I like what Bookie said. I have a room that really really wants to be cottage. I keep trying to steer it elsewhere and it keeps coming right back around to cottage, lol. I think I'm going to give in...
    Love all the pinkness Rebecca. So many pretty things. I'd love to stay and get to know the room's pink surprises.

  4. Lovely pinks. Very sweet.

    Have a nice week ~ FlowerLady

  5. Such pretty pink things. Like the way you have repurposed the dresser to have open shelves. You are always so clever with things like that.


  6. So pretty!!! Thanks for stopping by for a Blog Visit, the few hour Window of eating is something I've heard about, my Dad was a retired Master Chef and he never ate after 6pm. Being Hypoglycemic I have to eat every few hours or I don't feel well when my sugars get low, so I try to 'graze' eat to keep balanced levels. It never was problematic until after my Hysterectomy and my Docs told me the weight gain has Hormonal reasons behind it so I'm just hopeful once Menopause completely passes that I'll regulate back to a different metabolism again that makes it easier to maintain a more Ideal weight for health reasons... we'll see. In the meantime I'm eating more veggies and less meats or breads, plus smaller portions to see if that helps.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Well I'd say you are "in the pink" there, Rebecca. And, since pink is my #1 fave color, I love it! Bring on the pink! Susan

  8. I love how you find such wonderful treasures! I am sure each of these you found for a steal and one time or another Enjoy your pink Rebecca :) Love Heather

  9. How lovely to look on your blog(as I often do)and see the prayer book from my city! One of only two cities to have two cathedrals in the UK and lots of history.

  10. Wow, your blog was indeed very pink!! Loved it even if pink is not one of my favorite colors - nice for you!


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