Bigs and Smalls

 He's already "on" the BIG...
and I'm "on" the smalls--
 Taking off price stickers,
 washing the glass,
 digging out the candle wax,
 and photographing, of course!
Do you see a squirrel on this little pottery bowl?
I do...and I'm lovin' it!
I hadn't been to a thrift store in quite awhile, but yesterday
I left early to go to my no-longer-Red-Hats luncheon in order to 
check out one I hadn't visited in a long time.
What fun I had.


  1. Looks like some fun today for some folks! I thought of going thrifting, but after the doctor's office and with a few things on my list, I thought I would do the few with no hurry and keep the stops as few as possible. So very hot here already!!! My hubby was a home building a TV stand for our son from scratch, using some cherry we are giving him for his birthday. I will have to snap a pic when it is done.

    1. Oh, I will look forward to seeing that TV stand! (It's hot and humid here, too. We're just sitting and anticipating some very bad storms that are headed our way...)

  2. Hello Rebecca...You and your husband are a great duo. You find the best thing and then he add his magic touch. Voila! From trash to treasure. Great job. Susan

    1. He's DEFinitely the major part of the team!

  3. I don't get to go thrifting much but just seeing everything you find is a real treat! I love that dresser.

  4. Loving the bowl with the squirrel on the bottom :)

  5. You got some great finds and mr squirrely is a cutie.

  6. Everything you find is great but I'm most impressed by the joint venture you and your husband do - finding the furniture and redoing it.


  7. I realized that I've been missing so much to be in contact with you..... and blogland.
    I hope everything is well with you and your loved ones.
    It's nice to see your joy with the things you find and all the work to get them redo.
    That squirrel is so cute :)
    Love, my dear

  8. You found some great stuff! I love the pictures and the squirrel on the plate, but also that desk, how sweet is that?
    Hugs, Cindy


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