seller's remorse

I definitely had it - seller's remorse, that is!
My husband took a $2 (or was it $4) find
and found this incredible design under the brown paint 
which he then proceeded to carefully remove.
He crafted a door to replace the missing one.
I listed it on a facebook garage sale at a rather high price (I thought)
thinking it wouldn't sell
and then I could keep it.
It didn't happen that way.  Maybe I should have asked more for it!


  1. Hi there- the one that got away huh? sadly it wasn't meant to be and I bet something even more awesome is just around the corner... xxx

  2. So much potential here...but you will find another someday....

  3. Well, at least you listed it at a higher price then you might have ordinarily. I'd be mourning the loss of that one too!

  4. What a beauty! At least you can take some consolation in knowing someone's going to smile every time they look at that beautiful piece! x

  5. Your husband does have the magic touch! He would have a blast here in The Netherlands shopping with us at Dutch thrift stores. Linda@Wetcreek Blog and Wetcreek Museum Blog

  6. Oh my goodness, I would have sellers remorse too for that lovely piece.

    Can't keep it all or sell it at the right price either. We live and learn, hopefully.


  7. Oh, I would have loved to have had that! I've had 'give away remorse' a few times!

  8. oh...I would have had remorse also, but again..yeah on the sale!!

  9. What a beauty! I would have had a hard time letting that one go. I know you can't keep everything though.


  10. That old paint design is so pretty!
    i too can see why you're having remorse!
    Pretty old details

  11. Such pretty details!!! Well, I guess it wasn't meant for you to keep it.....

  12. Oh dear! Well, I hope it went to a good home that will appreciate its beauty. Nice work by your husband!


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