Yes, we are.  Couch-less.
 After selling our $20 garage-sale find (sectional couch),
 I spread out the chairs in our living room
 and am just FINE with the results!
 I'm all over the chart with lighting in these photos....
but it gives you an idea of how we're living!
All chairs except for the large leather Man Chair
were garage sale or thrift store finds. 
 Well, not this rocking chair.  It belonged to my grandparents.
I even called this backless, rustic chair into service!
Turned it around so the flat side was against the wall.
(There are multiple pillows to hold since we are couch-less.)
As you can tell,
I have a THING for chairs.


  1. About 8 years ago we bought a sofa, chair and ottoman. It was a once in a lifetime sort of purchase for us and it was a turning point. The chair and ottoman are still going strong. The couch? The most goshawful uncomfortable, not friendly to anyone under 6 foot tall thing ever made! One day our son walked into the house and John said "Want this couch?" just like that! lol Samuel happens to be 6'3" btw so it fits him just beautifully. We now have four chairs in our small living area. I can easily see that we could use as many as five in this area and I've got my eyes open. Right now I have a chair I paid $5 for, an old recliner, the reliable and comfy chair/ottoman and a newer recliner that needs to be replaced, but I'm looking for another. In olden days a sofa was hardly used, it was chairs and a table for the main living room.

    1. Sounds like we're kindred spirits :)

  2. It looks lovely! Lately it seems my couch is mostly the place where pacifiers go to die.

  3. :) It WAS pretty interesting what fell out of the couch when they went to move it! No pacifiers though...

  4. I like your chairs without the couch. I put ours in the dining room for a while thinking I could go without the dining room and loved not having a couch in the living room. But, I could never find a place for the dining room table and it's the only piece of furniture the husband loves. Foiled again!

  5. You have some great looking chairs, so I can see why you are just fine without a sofa. Hugs, Cindy


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