Well, I broke in my new old Aerosoles today.
The combination of a just-right heel height
and comfortable inners
made my $1.50 purchase at one of my favorite thrift stores earlier this week
a good decision.
The shoes were like new--very few signs of ANY wear.
Not everyone is comfortable wearing used shoes,
but I have done so for many, many years with no regrets.
The savings REALLY add up!


  1. They look pretty new to me. If they are worn in much, there should be no problem with using used shoes...if you can find them to fit, go for it!

  2. Those are lovely shoes sweet lady and for $1.50 I'd taken them home too! Have a blessed week ahead.

  3. They do look like new! What a bargain! x

  4. I love the Aerosole brand, such comfortable shoes and stylish!

  5. I have loved and worn Aerosoles for so long. They make such stylish and comfortable shoes. These are great and what a deal!!

  6. They look nice, Rebecca. I have no qualms about buying almost new shoes. A few swabs with an alcohol filled cloth makes them clean as a whistle! Susan

    1. Alcohol would work. I frequently use hydorgen peroxide....:)

  7. A few weeks back I found a pair of Naturalizers for $10. I thought THAT was a bargain! Actually, they were exactly what I didn't even know I was looking for. I love it when that happens.


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