Garage Sale Decor

At a garage sale yesterday, we paid $1 for the glass that tops our newly contrived coffee table.  My husband spray painted a table that until yesterday sat outside with some lawn furniture.  It had a makeshift top and looks much better with its gold paint and new, glass top!  I especially like the table's leafy detail shown below.

Friday, we stopped at a garage sale in Garrett, IN on our way home from the lake.  These three bottles were in the "free" box!  I'm eager to find a place to display them after a good cleaning.


  1. Love the coffee table and the bottles are a fab find for free!

  2. oooo...nice thrift finds! I think I had a table like that years ago. It was lime green or something...It was part of an outdoor set that I used indoors in an apt. I also am a lover of can't do much better than FREE, now can you!


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