Casual Saturday

Today I chose to wear a
     Thrifted burgundy corduroy skirt
     Thrifted belt (note the detail on the buckle)
     Thrifted white shirt with floral design on front
     Thrifted jean jacket.

I have errands to run.  This evening some friends and I will be meeting to clean and slice vegetables and begin some vegetable soup to enjoy tomorrow evening at our bi-monthly small fellowship group from church.


  1. I just went thrifting today too!
    No nice clothes like you found unfortunately, but I did pick up a few items for the home! Lots of stuff and the asking price for it all was only $3.00!
    It was at a church though so I gave them more.

    Happy Weekend!
    All the best,

  2. Good for you, Eileen. Will you post about it? I'd love to see your finds :)


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