"Mad" about Plaid!

I like plaid in theory.  Several weeks ago, I popped 3 plaid skirts into my $5 bag at my favorite thrift store.  This is one of them.  Visually, I think it makes me look a little heavier than I am - at least I'm HOPING that is the only reason I look a little large!

Thrifted skirt
Thrifted black blouse
Thrifted black patent leather belt with gold buckle
Thrifted gold necklace
Thrifted black shoes


  1. Plaid is always in trend, so you did well! I would suggest wearing boots and maybe a vest over the shirt to balance out your look. You do still look great!!

  2. That's a great skirt, I agree with Sharon about the vest or a cardi.
    And may I suggest that you cut the hemline of it to shorten a bit... I loved seeing you with a shorter skirt and I think you look more elegant.

    Have a nice weekend


  3. This is my first time visiting your blog and I am happy to be here. I will be back. I love buying my wardrobe from thrift stores, and have been doing so for years. Items are already broken in, and have a softer look about them than brand new.

    I personally stay away from plaids and any other patterns that make my hips look larger than they already are. :-) Since you love plaids, maybe go for them in jackets, with a complimentary skirt or slacks. Just my 2 cents worth.

    I think you have put together some wonderful ensembles.

    You are an inspiration.



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