Wardrobe-Ready for Monday: Warm and Woolly

All thrifted:  skirt, white tee, wool jacket, shoes & brown tights, belt & bold gold necklace

Plans for today include: Using Michael's 40% off coupon to purchase earring fittings, menu planning, 30 minute walk, sewing on a blouse button before retiring it for the season, reading 3 chapters in Three Cups of Tea, and writing and posting a few follow-up notes to friends.


  1. Hi there-hope you're having a good day, this outfit looks great, the belt really pulls it all together!!

  2. Oh I agree with Sharon about the belt and the jacket is fantastic.

    And the necklace.


  3. Hello Rebecca, I love your style, there is an elegant simplicity about it! I discovered you through Sharon Rose. Really loved the outfit you posted on Sept. 23. I am a big fan of black and white and you put it together so well in your picture.

    Have a wonderful day!



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