An October Sunday Morning

Nothing like a picture to tell you to get your suit pressed! While cleaning out my closet,  I found this thrifted suit - and it fit.  I don't normally wear my skirts this short, but the outfit feels comfortable and the mirror tells me, "O.K."

Thrifted suit
Thrifted open toe burgandy shoes
Thrifted off-white lightweight sweater
Thrifted 3-strand pearls

Church this morning; rest this afternoon, then readying for small group gathering at our house tonight.


  1. Hi Rebecca, can't believe you found this suit while thrifting! It's very corporate friendly and professional looking. In a lot of offices I've worked at open toe shoes are against policy. I could never understand why and someone said it was considered too sexy! Well, I'm guessing maybe it's a safety issue or maybe it's both especially if you have a rocking pedicure going on.

    Hope you had a lovely day.


  2. You look fantastic with that suit. I think the hemline is just great and I love to see you in shorter skirts, I think you look more elegant.


  3. Wow, this is really a flattering outfit! You can get away with that skirt just fine...Very impressive thrifting you've done there!


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