Window and Body Dressing - at Thrift Store Prices

Standing in front of our living room window at 7:45 a.m.  It's still dark outside.  I've arranged the newly thrifted drapes ($4 for all four panels) on hardware to approximate the finished effect.  Today I'll be sewing a "pocket" to slip the springrod into on the lower panels.  I really like the print.  It brings warmth (physically AND visually) and sophistication into the room in my opinion.

I'm wearing:  thrifted black jeans, a thrifted black denim vest, thrifted round-necked t-shirt, and a silver necklace purchased in Mexico several years ago.  After viewing this photo, I think I will change into shoes with a little bit of a heel...


  1. You look great. What a great deal to find black denim jeans and matching jacket! I like the light blue sweater with the black too.

    The curtains are lovely too!


  2. Hi Rebecca, just loving your style and the drapes!


  3. Hi there-a very casual chic outfit, lovely drapes too!


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