Thrifted thermal tan shirt with lace at collar and sleeve bottoms
Thirfted Jones corduroy skirt
Thrifted belt of many colors
Thrifted 3-strand pearl necklace

Look at this tree's autumn wardrobe! Bright and brilliant in yellow. Striking style from our back yard.
If you're interested in seeing more autumn splendor, I welcome you to our yard and garden here:  Scene in Our Garden


  1. What a stunning tree!!!!

    And your top is very nice as your belt.


  2. Thrift shopping is such a fun way of finding great clothes at incredibly inexpensive prices.... lovely outfit. I love to thrift shop as well, and I must say once I began, I hardly ever buy retail.

    A splendid tree indeed. The Fall is my favorite seasons. It so amazingly displays God's grace and splendor.


  3. Hi Rebbecca!
    I enjoy visiting here ... Your outfits are fabulously put together...

  4. Rebecca, I thought about you all day today! I'm so excited...I saw my aunt's very pricey (I'm sure) brown suede shoulder strap purse and thought it was something that I needed for fall...but would never pay the $45-$60 prices I saw at JCPenney! I told my mom "I'm gonna find me one of those at a thrift store!" And I DID today! It was $3.99!!! I also found a cute pair of flip flop sandals, gold, with a cute bow...for next summer of course...for ninety nine cents! I actually was wondering if by Rebecca's standards, was I paying too much for the purse? hee hee hee!!!


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