Plaid, 2

It's been a damp and somewhat dreary day.  A light drizzle didn't keep me from posing at this lovely spot just outside Hall's Triangle Park where Husband and I enjoyed an early afternoon dinner.

I'm wearing a similar outfit to yesterday's with a second thrifted plaid skirt, a thrifted black knit top, and the thrifted black denim vest I've worn on other occasions.

"Mad" about Plaid!

I like plaid in theory.  Several weeks ago, I popped 3 plaid skirts into my $5 bag at my favorite thrift store.  This is one of them.  Visually, I think it makes me look a little heavier than I am - at least I'm HOPING that is the only reason I look a little large!

Thrifted skirt
Thrifted black blouse
Thrifted black patent leather belt with gold buckle
Thrifted gold necklace
Thrifted black shoes

Window and Body Dressing - at Thrift Store Prices

Standing in front of our living room window at 7:45 a.m.  It's still dark outside.  I've arranged the newly thrifted drapes ($4 for all four panels) on hardware to approximate the finished effect.  Today I'll be sewing a "pocket" to slip the springrod into on the lower panels.  I really like the print.  It brings warmth (physically AND visually) and sophistication into the room in my opinion.

I'm wearing:  thrifted black jeans, a thrifted black denim vest, thrifted round-necked t-shirt, and a silver necklace purchased in Mexico several years ago.  After viewing this photo, I think I will change into shoes with a little bit of a heel...

Friend-Filled Wednesday


Entire outfit thrifted!

A friend came over for coffee this morning...then my husband and I took neighbors out to eat at Bob Evans for mid-afternoon dinner.  Tonight, I'm meeting a friend at a Fort Wayne coffee shop.  I *heart* friends!

Thrifted thermal tan shirt with lace at collar and sleeve bottoms
Thirfted Jones corduroy skirt
Thrifted belt of many colors
Thrifted 3-strand pearl necklace

Look at this tree's autumn wardrobe! Bright and brilliant in yellow. Striking style from our back yard.
If you're interested in seeing more autumn splendor, I welcome you to our yard and garden here:  Scene in Our Garden

Garage Sale Decor

At a garage sale yesterday, we paid $1 for the glass that tops our newly contrived coffee table.  My husband spray painted a table that until yesterday sat outside with some lawn furniture.  It had a makeshift top and looks much better with its gold paint and new, glass top!  I especially like the table's leafy detail shown below.

Friday, we stopped at a garage sale in Garrett, IN on our way home from the lake.  These three bottles were in the "free" box!  I'm eager to find a place to display them after a good cleaning.

"Vacationally Thrifted"

A large, triangular, very soft, red shawl and gloriously soft, lambswool gloves.

Thrifted home style...
All but the white pitcher were thrifted at the Kendallville thrift store that we visited last Tuesday.

The small oil painting up close...perfect colors for our bedroom.

An October Sunday Morning

Nothing like a picture to tell you to get your suit pressed! While cleaning out my closet,  I found this thrifted suit - and it fit.  I don't normally wear my skirts this short, but the outfit feels comfortable and the mirror tells me, "O.K."

Thrifted suit
Thrifted open toe burgandy shoes
Thrifted off-white lightweight sweater
Thrifted 3-strand pearls

Church this morning; rest this afternoon, then readying for small group gathering at our house tonight.

Out Back in Outback

Thrifted almost vintage Outback Red navy skirt
Thirfted light-weight shirt jacket
Thrifted red belt, navy pumps & navy tights

I found these earrings at a garage sale last week with their matching necklace for $.10! Decided they looked fine with this outfit.

Wardrobe-Ready for Monday: Warm and Woolly

All thrifted:  skirt, white tee, wool jacket, shoes & brown tights, belt & bold gold necklace

Plans for today include: Using Michael's 40% off coupon to purchase earring fittings, menu planning, 30 minute walk, sewing on a blouse button before retiring it for the season, reading 3 chapters in Three Cups of Tea, and writing and posting a few follow-up notes to friends.

Sunday Morning

Thrifted skirt, jacket, shoes, double strand of pearls and earrings

Casual Saturday

Today I chose to wear a
     Thrifted burgundy corduroy skirt
     Thrifted belt (note the detail on the buckle)
     Thrifted white shirt with floral design on front
     Thrifted jean jacket.

I have errands to run.  This evening some friends and I will be meeting to clean and slice vegetables and begin some vegetable soup to enjoy tomorrow evening at our bi-monthly small fellowship group from church.