I'm sitting in my recliner in a robe this morning while the wind whips the snow outside.  I have no plans to go anywhere - last of all thrifting!  I thought I'd take the time to expand on my last post where I mentioned that a customer had thinned out the 50 cent rack ahead of me...

I am only aware of the competition at this one smaller thirft store where all clothing with one color of price tags is gathered each Monday morning and put on a rack and sold for 50 cents .  I'd been there previously on Monday afternoons and noticed there wasn't so much on it, so THIS time I went early - just not early enough!  I couldn't believe the PILES of clothes being folded up and bagged for  the first customer!

I'm not aware of this currently happening at other stores (although years ago when I thrifted out of necessity for kids' clothes, etc. I DID know of one store where people lined up outside the door before it opened). At another store I frequent, I notice that many of the furniture pieces have "sold" signs on them.  It always makes me wonder if it comes out on a certain day, people know it, and buy up all the "good" stuff before I get there.  I guess I could ask.  I'm not going to stir the waters too much there because it seems no matter how large my pile is, the clerk smiles and says, $2.68.
I did finally get out of my robe and dress for a cozy at-home day.


  1. I mostly thrift for books. At one store I frequently see a woman with a cart (or two) piled full of books. She sits in a chair with her cell phone and goes through each one giving someone the info on the book and then keeps or discards same. She's a reseller I think. If she wants to check the books out that's fine but loading them all up so no one else can look through them until she finishes seems a bit much.

    Oh well, I've just stopped shopping there.


  2. Now that you mention it, Darla, I've noticed a similar thing....I, too, thrift for books - not for resale, but pure pleasure!

  3. It takes talant to be a good thrift shopper. I'm not all that good at it but my friend Sylvia is a master. I learned a lot when she lived near me.

  4. Hi there-wow, thats really good to get such halot for the money, ours don't work like this!!

  5. One of the things I see here is that people buy the clothes and re-sell them on ebay or at a yard sale type thing.

    I did get an evening jacket for $3.25 when it was 50% off so I do love it when they do a "sale" of the day.

  6. Hello Rebecca! We are getting blasted with snow as I write this. I'm going to light a fire in the fireplace tonight, that's for sure. Hope all is well with you today. Keep on thrifting! Love to hear about your escapades Sincerely, Susan from

  7. Hi Rebecca, I'm considering getting a snuggie myself! It's cold here in sunny San Diego and is supposed to get down to 41 degrees tonite. Thank goodness no snow in my part of town. Hope you are staying warm and toasty.

    By the way, I got an A in my business communications class. I am so happy and thrilled that I was doing the happy dance today!

    Have a great day, Bonnie

    PS - you look pretty dressed up for a day at home!

  8. BONNIE, Congratulations! Keep dancing!


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