Today's denim jacket - another blazer type...
(I really like the weight and color of these glass beads.)
Note the unique wrist features!
There is a great rose monogram on the pocket, too.
Here's a not-too-wonderful photo of some of the items I thrifted yesterday.  $2.68 for all of this.  I was in a hurry or would have tried to deflect the flash better on the oil painting...It's colors are perfect for our bedroom where I have a collection of simple oil paintings in these tones.
Here's a closer look at the painting....the lighting STILL doesn't do it justice.


  1. Another great jacket and it has the bonus of all those great details.

    Is that a tablecloth there in the foreground of your thrifted things? I think I'm going to be a tiny bit jealous here.


  2. Yes, Darla, it's actually 2 of them! Can you believe all that stuff for $2.68. Now in honesty, the one tablecloth has been patched. I didn't notice when I bought it, but the patch is darling itself. I may take a picture of it when I have more time. I wouldn't hesitate to use it when I host my summertime yard tea parties!

  3. Great jacket.

    I love old tablecloths, too. My favorite tablecloth though is one my mama crocheted. My siblings don't realize she gave it to

  4. I think you got some good bargains, Rebecca. Please post the painting again as I'd like to see what it is of! Sincerely, Susan from

  5. Hi Rebecca, I love your smile! BUT I also LOVE the tablecloths you found. I have a couple that I just love to pieces.

    I'm not sure what my grade was for the business com. class yet. I haven't been to school this week as I have a bathroom re-model going on. It was supposed to take a week but because of all the rotted wood and mold will take me at least through next week. Ugh!

    Hope you are doing well, and you have such luck with your thrifting. I am amazed at how little you paid for such a BIG haul.

    Have a great day! Bonnie

  6. The denim blazer is wonderful for you - I love the way it's cropped, and you're right that the wrist detail makes it look extra-special. So beautiful.

  7. Nice colection of denim you have. The details on this one are very cute.

  8. Hi there-more wonderful finds, the painting and the jacket are just great my dear!!


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