In addition to a black skirt, I bought this black jacket yesterday while volunteering at a thrift store in a neighboring town.  Orange tags were 1/2 off!

I also bought a $.50 book full of classic art related to the Biblical story of Noah and the flood and a handmade mug from Mexico.  (Below is one example of art from the book.)

$2.27 was the total cost of my volunteering yesterday.
 Even without the "finds",  I consider it time well-spent.


  1. I bet you had lots of fun seeking for those interesting pieces. I wish I could spend one day like that and with YOU, because you're an expert!

    Well to tell you about wearing those bright colours you talked about, you know here traditionaly when one looses a parent the mourning it's six months wearing all black.
    I will not do that, I've been wearing all black since my mother passed away but today I introduced a black and gray scarf. Now I'll be introducing some gray, white details and slowly other colours like blue, brown, deep green. I will leave the red and yellow (and "cousins") for after those six months.

    Hope you're having a fantastic weekend, dear.


  2. Oh I forgot to talk about the leather.
    I also would love to know how does a leather dress feel. I have pleather (not real leather, because I'm against what they do now to animals, but I'm not also a PETA fan) pants and a vest and I love the feeling.
    I think you should try to find some vintage leather pieces, they're great.


  3. That book looks really interesting.
    Ilove books and I find very interesting the way the same story can be portraited by diferent artists, it says so much about their background and the evolution (or not) of mentality.
    It was a wonderfully spent day :)


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