I'm sure I've worn everything before--just not in this combination.  It's a stay-at-home day--so nothing fancy.  I ventured out on the front porch for this photo.  It's wet everywhere!  The snow should be melting if temperatures fall at all.  It can't happen too soon, as far as I'm concerned.  
black denim vest (matches black shoes)
necklace with brown and black stones
burgundy Tee
and subtly brown plaid slacks 
All thrifted.


  1. Hi Rebecca, I love the color combination you've used today. Too bad about the weather. We've enjoyed some summer like weather last week only to have it cloud up over the weekend and rain. Bummer.

    I have to say that I love you in leopard. You rock it, girl! I also enjoyed your vintage finds especially the deco ice bucket. My parents had one that had little penguins going around it. It was darling and I recently saw several of the same style but did not pick it up. Sigh.

    Hope you enjoy your day at home. I must say you really dress up to stay home!

    Have a fab day, Bonnie

  2. Like the colors a lot. Vests just finish things off don't they? Kind of like a frame on a picture.


  3. So right about the vest, DARLA And I assure you, BONNIE, that it is a stay-at-home outfit. The pants are quite faded, etc. The vest really does make it look more than it is. I have to remember that!

  4. You wear everything you show us so well!!!

  5. I am a vest fanatic. I think they help add a bit of polish to an outfit when you don't feel like wearing a jacket. This outfit looks great!

  6. That tee color looks so beautiful on you. And it was a great idea combining it with the vest, you look great.

  7. I love the colors in this outfit!! Vests really do just wrap up an outfit.


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