inVESTed still...

A man's leather vest today!  Brown with two pockets and belted with a stretchy brown belt with pink features in front!

I pulled out a white, ruffled blouse to feminize the look. Several brown bangle bracelets and brown leather shoes complete the look.  Everything is thrifted -- nothing recently.

Feeling a little left out since we have no live felines at our house, I am featuring an oil painting I found at a thrift store last week.  The colors are vivid and the cats quite charming in this amateur piece.


  1. I love this outfit and I really am coveting your cat picture. I love cats and my "baby" is a black and white cat I literally dropper fed when she was a baby.

  2. I really like the contrast of the white blouse, very nice. ;-)

  3. Oh, Rebecca. That cat painting is just adorable. I love it. Nice outfit, too. You always look so nice. Have a great day! Sincerely, Susan from

  4. Oops! I think my comment didn't post!
    I love this blog!! What a great idea!!! You have great fashion sense and look great in everything!!! And what a bonus to get them at the thrift store!!! Love it!!

  5. Great contrast between the leather vest with the pink belt.
    Your kittens are way too cute :)

  6. Great outfit and it looks good on you. What do you have for us plump people! Smile. I scour the local thrift store regularly and find a treasure here and there.


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