Sunday, February 21

Burgundy  Pendleton skirt (thrifted)
Black top & belt (thrifted)
Burgundy tights (thirfted in package - never been opened!)

I'll wear my newly thrifted jacket over this.  I was having enough trouble with the camera and very little time to get the pictures taken.  The jacket didn't show up at all, but I think it is a nice finishing piece to my Sunday outfit.


  1. Oh I love burgundy. It's such a colour that goes very much better sometimes than red.
    You look very elegant and I can imagine with the jacket, very chic.

    Have a nice sunday!

    Oh about the mourning attire, well as they say "tradition isn't anymore what it was" and most of the people doesn't do it anymore, specialy in the city. I found a compromising situation that pleases me and I think my mother will be pleased. She was a open mind, but in some ways conservative.


  2. That skirt is beautiful. Burgundy is one of my favorite colors. :)

  3. Hi there-yes, very smart chic pieces, perfect for Sunday wear!


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