One of my Collections

I have at least 50 tins scattered throughout our house. This is my latest - purchased with at least 7 other items for a grand total of $2.17 (including tax). This one joins the ones below and maybe 10 others in our bedroom.
(OK.  Maybe I need to get the dust rag out!)
If you MUST know, I'm wearing basically the same thing I wore on Tuesday.  Do YOU ever do that?


  1. Great collection. I love the saturated colors. So much we see today is pastel.

    Yes, I do sometimes wear the same thing two days in a row, especially if I'm home both days.


  2. Wow Rebecca. You have some beauties. Take care and have a wonderful day. Susan

  3. What a nice collection. They almost seem like their own art form, with all the different beautiful designs. Very pretty. And yes, I'll wear the same thing if I'm home both days. A good steam iron between wearings saves the wear and tear of putting them through the wash too.

  4. Oh Rebecca you have a lovely collection of tins! I really love them too. And yes, if I am not leaving the house and haven't been gardening, I will wear the same clothes!
    Love Di ♥

  5. I'm so reassured, friends! I'm glad to know others wear outfits 2x in one week :)

  6. What a gorgeous collection, so artfully displayed.
    I often recycle outfits hence the lack of me in many of my postings.

  7. What a fantastic collection, dear!!!

    Hope you're having a nice weekend


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