Dressed for Church

I pulled this very casual dress off the shelf this morning and decided to dress it up with a light-weight jacket, black belt and shoes, and a brooch the same color as the jacket.

 I hope the wrinkles work their way out of the dress.  I had NO time to try out the steamer I thrifted a few weeks ago.


I believe this dress will do nicely for my five-day trip to the Abbey of Gethesami in Kentucky next week.  It's comfortable, versatile and will travel easily.

I probably won't have access to internet and cell phone while at the Abbey.  It may be awhile until I post again.  I'll miss all you  "fashionable friends" while I'm gone!


  1. Very stylin' today. I've come to appreciate the way a jacket can really formalize a look, from jeans to a dress, and always keep my eye open for good jacket buys. Enjoy your upcoming trip!

  2. Oh, Rebecca. Is that going to be a retreat at the Abbey? Sounds like a wonderful idea. Would you pray for me? Thanks! Sincerely, Susan

  3. What a chic and very "French" looking outfit, Rebecca.
    Have an amazing and peaceful time at the retreat.

  4. Your outfit this morning looks very nice. Have a refreshing week at the retreat.


  5. What a great blazer, love the colour and looks so stylish with that dress.
    Hope you'll have a nice trip my friend, I'll miss you too.

    If you have the time drop by my blog, there's a giveaway...

    All the best

  6. I love the look, Rebecca. Enjoy your retreat and have a fabulous week.


  7. Hi Rebecca:
    What a lovely lady you are. I like your style and I stayed on your garden blog enjoying the background sounds of nature : )
    Your grandchildren are beautiful and the hair cut the little blond got was too sweet.
    Your photography is calming and soothing to this harried apartment dweller. It is most refreshing.
    I hope you enjoyed your retreat and happy to come home again.

  8. The jacket really makes this a great outfit.

    I linked you on my last Friday's post. Have a look when you get a minute.



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