Mirrors Don't Lie

I see what I see and need to take corrective measures!  I was out in public like this and didn't realize that I had a "foundation" issue!  I AM back to work on the weight issue already.  See my plan at Power, Love and Self-Control.

Blue Tee, khaki skirt, white belt and sandals....

                                           ...and a smile.


  1. You're too funny....you probably noticed it more than anybody else!! I'm lovin' your smiles!!!

  2. A well-dressed woman always wears a smile!

  3. Great summer style, I like the pop of white in the belt. It's a nice touch!

  4. Rebecca, what do you mean by a foundation issue? I didn't get that. Susan

  5. When I first read that, I thought you meant your make-up, hee hee. Then I thought, "Maybe it's the length of the skirt" (you could go a bit shorter, to just below the knee, you've got good legs!).

    So really, it's really not that noticeable - but sometimes we need a reminder by noticing how something doesn't fit quite how we want it to to help push us back on track. I know I've had that happen to me! It's a positive side-effect of fashion blogging, when you think about it.

    Good luck with getting back on track! You'll do it! :)

  6. I actually don't see anything wrong, I was too distracted by the beautiful smile.Really, in the beginning I couldn't even understand what you were talking about.
    If you think you should change something I'm sure you'll achieve it.
    Weight needs to be constantly supervised or it will sneak out on you.
    All the best.

  7. Well, I think mirrors don't lie, but our perspective can just not be the right one.
    I know, I've been there, I'm still there.
    That's why my blog has been helping me about seeing my "real image", because I always tend to look to the pictures as if it was somebody else, not me, something I don't do at the mirror.
    And it's my self-esteem that has benefit with that.

    Loving your smiles, dear!!!!


  8. Oh well, there's always Spanx NOT that I saw anything objectionable with your picture!

    Have a good one Rebecca, Bonnie

  9. I'm a little behind here, but not sure what she's talking about either. Possibly gravity? I have that issue...I actually think its a cute photo Rebecca!


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