professional wear

I found this set of "professionals" in the toy bin at the thrift store yesterday.  I "had" to have them!

All the tops were $1.00 I didn't really need any, but decided this one was unusual.  There are sparkly stones above the fringe that didn't show up on this picture...

I also got the floral pillow yesterday.  Its colors are the same as the needlepoint butterfly pillow behind it (also a thrift store buy).


  1. Good shopping! The cutouts are great...the top is fun and looks great on you (with your big smile!).

  2. Your pillows look great together...and I'm still enjoying your smile!!! :)

  3. The Professionals crack me up! I don't blame you for bringing them home.


  4. OMG those Professionals are so cute!!!! I understand why you had to have them ;-)

    That top is so unique, def a great buy.

    Have a fantastic weekend dear


  5. Looks like your group of professionals are all dressed appropriately! Love the pillows and gosh what a smile!

    Have a great weekend, Bonnie


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