Sunshine and Cottonwood Seeds

Sonoma capris and a long-sleeve white tee with a cut-out stripe across its top.
Some dangly earrings add to the pizazz.
A classic casual look for me on this sunny day!  
Sunshine and a serious wind
are sending the humidity scurrying.
At the same time, the cottonwood seeds 
are ALSO blowing furiously...

How about these cloth napkins?  I found them at "my" thrift store yesterday!  It had been a long time since I'd been there and there were many new goodies -- apparently the leftovers of the numerous garage sales the weekends of May and June.


  1. A lovely casual look there, Rebecca. The cloth napkins are a great fine, perfect for a summer picnic.

  2. Hi Rebecca...Very nice blouse with the cutout stripe. Good job on the napkins. You've keep recreational shopping to a bare bones minimum so you deserved to have one fun visit! Sincerely, Susan

  3. I love the look of capris, they are so versatile this time of year. I hope it's a style that stays around forever!

  4. Hi Rebecca, do you remember when capris were also called clam diggers and cigarette pants. Those were the days!

    Love the napkins, are we going on a picnic soon?

    Cheers, Bonnie

  5. Bonnie, I don't remember THOSE names (I've never been much into the fashion scene), but I DO remember "peddle-pushers"! Actually, I'm not sure what they are currently called for sure....


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