Too Hot to Handle

I don't handle heat well.  And it has been hot and muggy!  I had this outfit along with me in Kentucky this past week.  I wore it one evening after a shower to wash off the dust of a long, arduous hike.

This morning I will wear it to church.  The dress was given to me by a friend; the vest is from my closet - thrifted, I'm sure. 

For those who wonder, I had a very satisfying and refreshing time at the Abbey of Gethsemani.  I've posted about it in my other blogs listed in the sidebar:  flowers and other scenery in the garden blog; hiking experiences in the healthy living one, and thoughts and reflections in my main blog.  Of course, you're welcome to visit any of them if you have time and are interested...


  1. Welcome back, my friend!!!!
    I'm so glad you had a refreshing time out.
    And that dress is great! I love maxi dresses.
    Hope you're having a nice Sunday.


  2. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a very refreshing week (on many levels) and I am happy to read your posts about your experiences. The outfit looks cool and comfortable. This crazy weather is like State Fair and extremely muggy.

  3. Hi Rebecca...I'm the same way with muggy heat. Dreadful. You like nice and cool today! Have a good one. Susan

  4. Hi Rebecca!!! thanks as always for your very lovely comments and support, always much appreciated. hope you are well and this outfit is just delightful, I really love the dress especially!! Wishing you a good week ahead!

  5. Hi Rebecca, I don't handle heat well either! I love your maxi dress, takes me back to the 60s and 70s - and I adore your denim top too!

    Glad you had a great time, Bonnie

  6. Glad to see you back Rebecca and I enjoyed the pictures of your week at the Abbey. It sounds like you had a refreshing, relaxing time there.

    I like your dress.

    Try to keep cool ~ FlowerLady

  7. Nice to have you back! I love your floral maxi, just right for keeping cool but stylish.


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