Picture This

A tree fell during the storm last night. Can you see the barriers to my left?  It lays across the street this morning awaiting Power Company scrutiny since it has downed power lines.

I'm out here wearing my comfortable sleeveless dress.  The denim black vest covers a part of my arms I'm not comfortable exposing.  It is SO hot and humid.  It's difficult to be "stylish" without bearing more skin than I want to!

Yesterday I found a trundle (if that's what you call the bottom part of a single bed) at my favorite thrift store.  The mattress had never been outside its cover.  We hauled out the double bed in our guest room and set up the single with trundle.  That meant I had to rearrange some pictures on the wall.

I thought I'd show you some of them.  They've all been purchased at thrift stores except for the tulip painting which my mother-in-law painted... 

It's a lot--I know.


  1. Great floral paintings, Rebecca. Loved them. Have a great day! Susan

  2. I like the look of the vest, they are a great accessory to spunk up the style! And what a beautiful room you've decorated. The darker colors are great, very soothing and peaceful.

  3. Outfit looks nice and cool! Really like all the artwork...you have a good eye for interior decor as well as fashion.

  4. You look cool, I think longish dresses are great hot weather wear. I love your collection of floral paintings.


  5. You've worn this before, right? or maybe something similar. I can see your reflection in the little cabinet with the collectable bottles!


  6. What a great collection of floral paintings, darling!!!!

    The dress is very nice and the vest gives the set all its cuteness.

    Thank you for your nice comments on my blog,darling.

    All the best


  7. Hey I have a small collection of those miniature bottles too. They are Wheaton's, right? I like the way you have them displayed...I just have mine on my window ledges in the living room and dining room. I know they are only about 40 years old but I'm still drawn to them. I've picked them up at flea markets and shops. Your floral paintings/prints are beautiful and I love how you run the theme through your house!


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