accessorizing the familiar

This morning I selected silver jewelry (3 chain necklaces and silver earrings) to accessorize an all-too-familiar shirt.  I will be enjoying the company of friends today - one for early morning coffee and another for lunch.  I look forward to both and am gearing up for accomplishing chores left untended in the hours in-between and after....


  1. Oh, have FUN Rebecca! Susan

  2. What a delightful smile! Have a great time.

  3. Sounds like a good lineup! The silver chains are a nice choice for the look happy and ready to start your day. Hope your little mini-retreat was refreshing.

  4. A few accessories can really brighten up an outfit! You look lovely!

  5. Those chains are just great to accessorize the nice top you're wearing.
    You look lovely and I hope you had much fun with your friends.
    But I must tell you that when I opened your blog what really, but really brought some joy to my heart was your beautiful smile and your joy expression. Amazing!!!



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