where to begin?

...here, I guess.  This black top (one of 2), linen capris and black sandals were each $.25 at the Curiosity Shop in Auburn yesterday!  I spilled coffee on the other black shirt already - so it is drying as I write!  Yes, it was $.25 Day and I picked up several useful pieces of clothing for grandchildren and a pair of slacks for my husband. 

I found a few treasures at garage sales, too.  Several from the "free boxes"!  I'll try to get it together enough to show some of them early next week.


  1. I think this is the most relaxed look I have seen on you! Only .25? I don't know of any place here that does that!

    Have fun today, Bonnie

    PS - I'd love to spend time in your garden

  2. But if you look close, you'll see it's just my typical black top, neutral "bottom" :) As I said in my last post's title: "Same and Simple"!

  3. I am really learning from you, Rebecca. My mother in law was also a thrifter, but she went to extremes. I like how you choose and have created your own style while still thrifting.

  4. I always love finding great bargains too while I'm shopping out and about.. I'd say you've done real wonderful on your outfit for only $.25 a piece for each item! That's great! Your outfit looks real nice on you!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. What bargains! You look lovely and I adore the trellis and the wooden bird, too xxx

  6. Lynn, it was good to have you join me today! I had trouble uploading your blog, but I'll keep trying! I'd like to "know" you better :)

  7. Vix, I'm ALWAYS amazed that you'd drop in to my blog! You're so far more accomplished and stylish than I am....it really honors me that you keep in touch. You KNOW that I'd love to be able to figure out how to dress like you do!

  8. Hi my dear!! Just wanted to say I'm hopefully back into my blogging! Love your outfit, so casual chic and the linen capris are perfect for summer! wishing you a great week ahead!!

  9. First LOVE the new layout!
    And dear what bargains you are able to find....
    You look casual but still with style.
    Hope you're having a great weekend


  10. Wow .25cents what a great find...are thrift stores can be a little pricey but I still go it is cheaper than buying new ~ Enjoy your new clothes ~Heather


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