A Mid-Week-Get-Away

I've gotten into some pretty unique poses in order to photograph my outfits with my cell phone...but this one required some maneuvering!  The only mirror in this hotel room is in the bathroom, so the shower curtain was my backdrop! UPDATE:   I decided to delete the picture since the more I looked at it, the stranger it got!

Comfortable knit capris teamed with a tan shirt were my apparel for the 24 hour get-away I'm enjoying while my husband is in a meeting here.  In just a few minutes, I'll be diving into the pool and then sunning outdoors for 15 or 20 minutes....


  1. What a nice change of pace! You have been busy this summer. Enjoy your swim...it's a good day for it.

    I'd like to know how you manage to take good pictures of your daily outfits. So far my pictures have been pretty bad.

  2. Hi Rebecca, where are you? I want to come along for a swim!

    Have a good one, Bonnie

  3. Ah, how lovely! I wish I had a pool...

    Enjoy your holiday!

  4. Hi Rebecca....That pools looks mighty good to me, as temps climb past 100. Have FUN! Susan

  5. Envy! I wish I could join you for a swim! Have a fab time.

  6. Enjoy your get-away. The pool looks very inviting.



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