mix and match

 Above:  How I take my photos...then I crop and edit them in Picassa.
 Sometimes they're a little goofy and I delete them.  I SHOULD have deleted THESE!  Especially the one below.  I seem just a little too happy showing off my legs...
 I'm real happy if I get one that's kind of normal looking - like below.
It's no secret that I gave away a lot of clothes when I lost weight last year.  I THOUGHT this would be a good incentive to keep the weight off.  Now, when I've put on some pounds, I find myself struggling to find clothes to wear.  This morning, I'm using the jacket from a dress that is way too tight and wearing it with a looser fitting dress.  This is only a temporary "fix", but mixing and matching makes it possible to work with my existing wardrobe without buying larger clothes -- which I'm determined NOT to do!


  1. Hi Rebecca! Clever way to take photos! Nice to see a post from you. Susan

  2. How clever! I only discovered Picasa yesterday and I spent hours having all kinds of fun with it.
    Such a lovely classy and elegant outfit, Rebecca. xxx

  3. I've seen several fashion blogs that use this technique, and always enjoy the styles. It's a great way of keeping fashion real, and in the home, too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wondered how you get your great shots...very clever! Outfit is cute...it's fun to mix and match pieces.

  5. Good job with the mix and match. Isn't it miserable when you have lost weight to find it creeping back on? I put on about 20 lbs over the past two years and need to Stop Now! Well, actually need to get rid of the 20 but stopping would be a good beginning.


  6. I use Picasa too! Its a great FREE program and it has alot of great features. I'm always learning new things as I go along. I even have my husband using it.
    As far as gaining a couple of pounds...I sure do understand about that! Since I have starting working on the pc most of the time, I have gained a few too..I'm looking into getting into some serious exercise.
    Love the dress and jacket BTW!

  7. Hi Rebecca, I love the new look of your blog. So fresh looking...much like yourself! Love your outfit!


  8. You know what? I really like the wider view that includes the background; it puts you in better proportion and the lighting is better. Try not cropping for a bit, and see what happens!

    Love the bright yellow of the new blog look too.

  9. Hey, Kristen! You might be right! I'll do a few like that...Thanks for the suggestion.


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